Eugenia believes art is never about what you see with your eyes but what you see beyond. Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Eugenia’s early art explored acrylic painting on canvas and wood. After completing her Degree in Art from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina in 2000, Eugenia travelled abroad to refine her art style and technique.

In 2007, Eugenia accepted a position as an Assistant Lecturer, in the Introduction to Painting at the Faculty of Art at Cordoba University. Eugenia’s focus on fantasy and nature themes led to an interest in the vintage Italian technique of Venetian mask making, CartaPesta (Papier Mache). Her passion for mask making inspired a boutique art business, Circus between 2010 and 2016. As well as acrylic paintings and masks, Eugenia paints on different surfaces and objects, such as furniture using an Argentine decorative paint technique, Filete Porteño influenced by Italian arabesques and natural forms. More recently, abstract landscapes capture Eugenia’s artistic curiosity. Throughout the years Eugenia participated in numerous group and solo art exhibitions.

Career highlights include an award from the Italian Institute of Culture for an acrylic painting. It explored the theme ‘The Devine Comedy’ by Dante Alighieri.  In 2013, Eugenia accepted an invitation to exhibit her masks at the Venetian Carnival in France. Since 2016, a production of, Pantaleone used her masks for the play’s protagonists. The masks also appeared in a music video made by an Argentine artist. Eugenia won 1st place in Masks at The International Artisans Fair. It was her fourth Artisans’ award since 2011.

Venetian citizens share a genuine appreciation for how her masks echo the Venetian essence yet achieve a unique style. Eugenia’s application of colours, shapes and textures depict original gestural characters. Eugenia now divides her time between Argentina and Australia.